Lore Hunter

Lore Hunter is a fictitious book-like package sold under a parent company named Writers United.

This is a tan arrow pointing left. 
			Clicking on it will show the front side of the book package.
			The front side of a book-like package is shown in a 3/4ths view.
			The text on the front side of the pacage reads: Lore Hunter by the parent company Writers United.
			Lore Hunter is written in a cursive, tan-color font, while the text below it is in a serif font.			
			The top of this book package contains an image
			of a bunch of book pages scruntched together, as well as a some amount of both the tan-colored and
			dark brown colored interior of the package poking out behind it. Since the book package's spine isn't
			visible from this angle, what instead shows up is another texture of old book pages added to the side
			of the package.


This is the inside of a book-like package. Its main background color is tan. 
			On the left
			side are a couple of partially faded, dark brown photo collages with dither effects. One 
			is at the top center part of this section, and it contains a photo of a typewriter, and a 
			photo of someone typing on a laptop keyboard. These two images partially overlap each other. 
			Below the 1st photo collage is the phrase, Unlock your writing potential! written in a dark 
			brown color, and a serif font. 
			The remain 2/3rds of this section contains another photo collage. 
			This one has three photos overlapping each other. One showcases a top-down view of a table.
			On this wooden table is two old books, and a cup with a plate below it that contains liquid.
			Another presents a table with books, an open notebook, and a block on it. The last photo are
			several books shelved next to each other.
			The right side of the book package's interior shows faded lines intended to show some of The
			package's borders. Also, there are two, dark brown rectangles on this side. One is much shorter
			than the other. The shorter one is at the top center part of this section. The taller one is at 
			the bottom half part of this section, and has a tan-colored pattern which has three spiraling 
			lines intertwined together.
This is a tan arrow pointing right. 
			Clicking on it will show the back side of the book package.